How to stand out in a crowded pet food market?


Imagine this conversation between Joe Zweifel (chairman of the board) and Justin Case (marketing director) at the HQ of FYP Inc. (Feed Your Pet)

 Joeit’s about time we bring something new to the market; more than our current run of the mill products


Justin: excellent idea. How about natural products?

Joethat is very old hat; I do remember that when I started in pet food this was already mainstream


Justin: organic could be an option


Joewhy not, but I fear we run into problems with raw material supplies

Justin: could very well be; so why don’t we opt for holistic, to be on the safe side?


Joeoh no! besides the fact that nobody knows what it is, this denomination is by now used by virtually every manufacturer in the industry


Justin: true, but it seems powerful. By the way, something that is not used by anybody in the industry is symbiotic.


Joethat has a nice ring. What does it mean?

Justin: dunno. But I will look it up straightaway


Joeso symbiotic is the adjective that describes an interaction between two different organisms living in close association usually to the advantage of both. Sounds complicated.

Justin: yes, great isn’t it. Mystery sells.


Joeso, what do you plan to do?

Justin: I want to turn this into a major programme. Our major launch of the decade. Think of what we can do: register Symbiosis as a global trademark, develop a dry and a wet line, approach the symbiots if they exist


Joethis can stand out. A new denomination protected through the trademark. Monopoly in this new segment. What are the consequences product-wise?

Justin: hardly any, because we do not want to rock the boat. Do we?


Marcel Blok

Change Stranamics BV/The Netherlands

Appeared earlier in Petfood Industry’s E-Newsletter

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